Categorii: World Music

Vinil Gerausche in stereo 4 (stereo sound effects)

Casa de discuri: Europa
Data aparitie:
Numar de discuri: 1
Viteza: 33
Format: 30 cm
Greutate: 0.20 kg

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I - Die Natur (Sounds From Nature)
A1 An Der See (On The Seashore) 1:48
A2 Sturmisches Meer (Stormy Sea) 1:26
A3 Yachthafen (Yachts In The Harbour) 1:26
A4 Im Walde (In The Forest) 1:55
A5 Sprudelnde Quelle (Bubbling Spring) 0:32
A6 Morgenstimmung Am Waldsee (Early Morning At The Forest Lakeside) 1:50
A7 Sudsee-Insel (South Sea Island) 1:33
A8 Am Lagerfeuer (By The Campfire) 0:55
A9 Lagerfeuer Allein (Campfire) 0:51
A10 Auf Dem Campingplatz (On The Camping-Site) 1:04
II - Tiere (Animals)
A11 Flamingos (Flamingoes) 0:26
A12 Seehunde Im Zoo (Seals At The Zoo) 0:40
A13 Gibbon-Affe (Gibbon Apes) 0:33
A14 Froschkonzert (Croaking Frogs) 1:14
A15 Specht (Woodpecker) 0:33
A16 Kuckuck (Cuckoo) 0:22
A17 Tauben (Pigeons) 0:35
A18 Katze [Miaut,Schnurrt,Schleckt Milch] (Cat) [Mewing,Purring,Drinking Milk] 0:58
A19 Groser Hund Bellt (Big Dog Barking) 0:50
A20 Kleiner Hund Klafft (Small Dog Yelping) 0:08
I - Die Umgebung (Our Surroundings)
B1 Spielhalle (Amusement Arcade) 1:25
B2 Flipperspiel (Slot Machines) 1:56
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